Even though we are one of the first to recognize gay partnerships, Washington State still has some laws regarding marriage and who can perform a the ceremony.

  • You will need parent permission if one of the people is under 18 years of age. As a dad of 4, I say good call.
  • Three day waiting period to obtain a wedding license in WA state. Which by the way is the same amount of time you need to wait to get a handgun permit in WA. If you are a little anxious to tie the knot quiker, jump in the Civic and drive to Vegas, cause by the time you get there you’ll sober up see how stupid an Elvis drive through wedding is.
  • No ship captains, including tub boats. Sorry Love Boat fans, you have to have Capitan Stubbing do the deed in “international” waters.
  • Marriages cannot be performed by proxy. Meaning, no matter how much you love your party pals, you cannot get married for your buddy who is too drunk to stand. This law was most likely a reminiscent throwback to the WA State redneck days.
  • Of your $64.00 dollars to the state, the breakdown of where that money goes is as follows:
    $8 General Fund
    $8 Family Court
    $4 Records Preservation Fund
    $2 King County Council
    $15 Family Services
  • $10 Displaced Homemaker program
    $5 Child Abuse program
    $4 Centennial Records Preservation program
    $4 State Archives
    $4 Washington State Heritage Center

for those who want to see the full list find it here.

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